Ε1000 is designed to meet all modern requirements in a building as far as construction, technology and aesthetics is concerned, while not exceeding budgeted costs.

Functional and complete regarding available typologies, the system allows you to choose among a wide variety of profiles for the construction of both curved and straight-line profiles.

E1000 is a compact 40mm and 48mm sash system (for straight and round profiles accordingly) that meets all the quality requirements and is certified according to the highest European standards. Finally, the system offers a wide range of accessories designed by ΕΤΕΜ that guarantee long lasting functionality and durability.

Ε1000 offers:
• High aesthetics and functionality
• Economically attractive solutions
• Safe constructions
• Multiple solutions, especially for main entrances
• Adequate sealing
• A capability of powder painting in any RAL color, special woodgrain patterns and other surface processing methods – anodizing

• One-sash and two-sash doors
• One-sash and two-sash tilt & turn windows
• One-sash and two-sash tilt & turn balcony doors
• Doors and windows combined with fixed frames
• Composite corner constructions
• Multiple-leaf folding constructions
• Showcases

Fixed Frame (min depth) 40mm
Sash Frame (min depth) 47,5mm
Min height – Combination Fixed Frame-sash 93,5mm
Glass thickness 6mm to 22mm
Max sash width(mm) X sash height(mm) 1400×1700
Sash width(mm) X Max sash height(mm) 950×2200
Max sash weight (kgr) 100Kgr

Thermal Insulation (UF) EN 10077-2 –
Water Tightness EN 12208 9A
Air permeability EN 12207 4
Resistance to wind load EN 12210 C4
Sound reduction 34-38db
Burglar resistance –