Project Description


E38 is a revolutionary opening thermal insulated system that is designed to perfectly combine quality with increased insulation characteristics for the end user while it increases productivity to the aluminum constructor by reducing the time required to assemble a door or a window.

E38 is a system that offers all the benefits of a thermal insulated aluminum system for small to medium frames in the most cost efficient manner.

Ε38 offers:
• Cost-effective solutions for all normal types of opening frames
• Maximum security as it can be fitted with multiple perimetric locks
• Sound insulation in noisy urban areas
• Optimum water impermeability even under adverse weather conditions
• Effective thermal insulation so as to prevent condensation on the inner side of the frame
• Powder coating in any RAL color, special wood-imitating types of coating, as well as other types of surface processing – anodizing

• Two-sash opening window
• Two-sash opening window with one fixed sash

Fixed frame (min depth) 50mm
Sash Frame (min depth) 58mm
Min height – Combination Fixed Frame-sash 102,5mm
Glass Thickness 23mm to 36mm
Max sash width(mm) X sash height(mm) 1600×1700
Sash width(mm) X Max sash height(mm) 950×2200
Max sash weight (kgr) 140 Kgr

Thermal Insulation (UF) EN 10077-2 2,9-3,5 W/(m2*K)
Water Tightness EN 12208 E1050
Air permeability EN 12207 4
Resistance to wind load EN 12210 C5
Sound reduction –
Burglar resistance –